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Welcome to Queerteen Press!

Queerteen Press is a young adult imprint of JMS Books LLC. All of our e-books can be purchased at our distributors, such as Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, and are also available at the JMS Books website. CLICK HERE for a list of all our titles.

Newest Releases

Matthew J. Metzger

Free Falling
Free Falling
Emery C. Walters

The Italian Word for Kisses
The Italian Word for Kisses
Matthew J. Metzger

The Italian Word for Kisses [Print]
The Italian Word for Kisses [Print]
Matthew J. Metzger

Submission Guidelines

Queerteen Press is the young adult imprint of JMS Books LLC. We electronically publish stories of all lengths, with any story over 30k going into print.

We do not pay advances. Authors earn 50% of the net proceeds on all electronic and print sales. Royalties are paid quarterly.

Publishing With Us:

    We are a non-subsidiary, non-vanity press. Our contracts are for exclusive electronic and print rights. ALL stories are published in e-book and paperback format. All print books are published and distributed through CreateSpace.

    All books, electronic and print, are assigned an ISBN. A cover image is provided at no cost to the author. Before you submit a story, make sure it is well-written, free of errors, and checked for grammar. Submissions with extensive problems, including those of plot and character, will not be accepted. An editor is assigned to work with you before your story is published. Authors may not provide their own cover art.

What We Accept:

    Queerteen Press accepts gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender fiction suitable for a young adult audience. This means books whose main characters are between the ages of 12 and 18. Stories must be between 40,000 and 130,000 words in length. We do not accept stories outside this range.

    While we understand sexual exploration is a part of growing up, we cannot accept any books with explicit sexual content for our Queerteen Press line. If you wish to submit an erotic story containing adult characters (over 18 years of age), visit JMS Books for our submission guidelines.

    "New Adult" or stories involving college-aged kids, even if they don't contain sex, should not be submitted as young adult. These types of stories should be submitted to JMS Books even if they do not contain scenes of explicit sexual or erotic content.

    All submissions must contain a romantic element.

    Limited third person or first person points of view are preferred. Omniscient POV or "head hopping" is discouraged.

    What We Don't Accept:

      Our tastes are broad, but we don't accept the following:
      • Anthologies
      • Erotica or any "onscreen" sex
      • Excerpts from longer works
      • General Fiction
      • Heterosexual Romance
      • Literary Fiction
      • Memoirs (real or fictionalized)
      • Poetry
      • Stories without LGBTQ content
      Any third-party quotes must be approved by Queerteen Press and may be removed prior to publication if copyright infringement is suspected.

    Submission Policy:

      Follow our submissions policy as outlined on the JMS Books website. Any submissions not formatted to our specifications will be rejected.

      E-mail your submission to submissions@jms-books.com with the subject line: "YA SUBMISSION: Title of Story by Author's Name."

      Our submissions policy and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

      J.M. Snyder, Owner
      JMS Books LLC / Queerteen Press
      Updated November 1, 2014